Using Emotional Hot Buttons To Get Him Back

Can Emotional Hot Buttons Get Him Back?

emotional hot buttons to get him backAre you wondering how you can use emotional hot buttons to get him back? How can you push these emotional hot buttons and is it an effective and easy way to get your ex back? Maybe you have tried being patient and kind and nice since your breakup and you just can’t stand it any more. The loneliness and not knowing what the future holds for you and your has made you want to turn to more gut level tactics in hope of getting your ex back.

Before we go any further you should know that you’re not weird for trying to find different ways to get your ex back. It is only natural that you seek out some advice if what you have been doing all along isn’t working. After all, the definition of insanity is to continue doing the same thing over and over again while expecting different results. The truth is that the use of emotional hot buttons and male psychology to try to bend a man’s will is both effective and easy even though at times you might think that what you are doing isn’t working. But sometimes it is the simple things that are the most effective and you will find that a man’s emotions differ drastically from yours and mine. That is why this new perspective might go against the grain for you at times, but all you have to do is trust that pushing your man emotionally is working.

Is Using Emotional Hot Buttons Ethical?

One aspect of using male emotional hot buttons to try to win your ex back that many women struggle with is that of whether or not all of this is ethical. You figure that if he truly loved you that all you would have to do is work through your problems and apologize for past hurts and you should be all set. You might not like the idea of using emotional hot buttons to make him feel love, desire, need and want. You don’t want to resort to game playing or trickery to get your ex back. You wish that he could just see that you love him and that he would appreciate you and your devotion to him and that he would at least try to fix your relationship together with you.

Unfortunately, men aren’t really in touch with their feelings and chances are the love that he does have for you is buried under anger, resentment and just his stubborn attitude. So, is it really unethical for you to cut through the garbage and uncover that love that lies there waiting for you by using male psychology and emotional hot buttons? If your motives are good and pure and true then I say no. There is nothing wrong or unethical about pushing his emotional hot buttons to make him feel something for you again. If, on the other hand, you are just out for revenge and you hope to just toy with your ex’s emotions by pushing his emotional hot buttons then I say, let sleeping dogs lie.

Can Using Emotional Hot Buttons Be Effective?

Of course, you might doubt that pushing his emotional hot buttons will really be effective. After all, you have already tried various tricks to try to get him to fall for you again. You have tried the advice that is often suggested when you want to reunite with someone that means so much to you. Maybe your ex is immune to such shenannigans or maybe he is perceptive and you fear that he will know that you are up to something?

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This is the beauty of using emotional hot buttons to get an ex back. You are not dealing with his conscious thought or his intelect. You will be catering to the part of his mind that is instinctual. When you use male psychology and emotional triggers to bring about the change that no amount of talking or logic can hold a candle to, you will be tapping into that part of your ex’s very being that tells him to eat, flee or fight in the face of extreme danger and the part of him that wants to procreate, if you get the idea. Nothing is more effective or powerful when it comes to making a man think about a woman than when you hit on those emotional hot buttons. It is effective not only in helping you to get your ex back but also in keeping him interested and attentive for as long as you want him.

How Does Using Emotional Hot Buttons Actually Work?

using male emotional hot buttonsBut how does using emotional hot buttons to change your ex’s mind actually work? Think about it this way. Have you done anything since your breakup that seemed to make your ex angry or upset or have you felt like he really doesn’t have a whole lot of respect for you? Is he avoiding your phone calls or is he rude to you? If so, then you have probably been using male psychology and emotional hot buttons but in the wrong way. You have been pushing the wrong emotional hot buttons to turn him off and push him away. Now, it is time to start to turn things around and start pushing the right emotional hot buttons that will lead him back into your arms again. There simply is no better way to build that connection and the devotion that you want and need in order for you to feel totally secure in your relationship other than targeting your ex boyfriend’s or ex husband’s emotional hot buttons to get him back.

Think of it this way. What do they do in the military to get men to be faithful to their country? They don’t use money and they don’t simply try to convince him of anything. They rely upon psychological techniques to make him faithful to the point of agreeing to lay down his life for his country. Now, you might not want him to lay down his life for you but you have to admit that if using emotions, male psychology and emotional hot buttons can make a man agree to die for his country then getting him to fall in love with you again should be a cinch!

How Can You Use Emotional Hot Buttons Starting Right Now?

Ok, do you want a bit of teaser that you can use to start pushing his emotional hot buttons starting today? Do you want to get a jumpstart on getting him back using emotional triggers and male psychology? Then here’s a little tip for you. Stop communicating with him. Just stop calling him, texting him or, if you see him every day and you can’t avoid talking to him, be aloof or, if you can handle it, appear too busy to talk with him or really notice him. This might seem counter intuitive but if nothing else, the absence of your contact will begin to deflate his already bloated male ego. That bloated male ego is your creation from all of your attention and chasing after him after the breakup.

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Of course, breaking off contact with him alone isn’t going to help you to get him back and it isn’t all there is to using emotional hot buttons to get your ex back but it is a starting point. The absence of you from his life will create some mystery and, even though he might have appeared not to appreciate your chasing after him and wanting to work on the relationship post-breakup, pushing this one emotional hot button will set the stage for more powerful emotional techniques and more advanced pushing of his emotional hot buttons to get your ex back, trust me.

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