Get Your Husband Back With Emotional Triggers

get your husband backDo you wish that you knew some secret words to get your husband back? Are you searching for some magical combination of what to say and how to say it that will jar his emotional memory and make him remember what it was like to be in love with you? Well, targeting his emotions and using emotional triggers to get him back is probably the closest thing to a magic spell short of this side of the Witches of Eastwick that you will find.

Using emotional triggers to get your husband back is actually one of the most powerful yet most often overlooked aspects of conflict resolution and relationship coaching. While so many of the so-called experts suggest such methods as dissecting the relationship and trying to compromise and come to an agreement about the issues that led to the breakup, without an emotional motivation, you probably will not get your husband back. You will have difficulty getting him to go to any sort of counseling or even discussing the problems that led to your breakup.

Think of it this way, right now your husband’s solution to the problems in your marriage is a divorce. He probably views you as the problem either directly or indirectly by either what you did or what you didn’t do. Either way though, all of these “reasons” are simply excuses and the only way to overcome these objections and get your husband back is by using emotional triggers, emotional hot buttons and male psychology.

Is This An Unethical Way To Get Your Husband Back?

While some might say that using emotional triggers to get your husband back is unethical, it is a simple fact that unless you can move your husband emotionally to the point that he wants to work on your marriage and be with you again, you stand very little chance of winning him back. There is always the chance that you might accidentally push an emotional hot button or trip an emotional trigger in your husband and thus cause him to want to work on your marriage. But wouldn’t you rather know that what you are doing is going to get you the outcome that you desire instead of flailing around in the dark like a child swinging at a piƱata?

Basically, it all comes down to intent and motive. If your intent is to restore your marriage and get your husband back and if your motives are pure and based in love for your husband and your family, then what is the harm? What is wrong with wanting to get your husband back? At one time you were both in love enough to swear before God and man that you would love each other forever. Is there really any end to which you should not go in order to get your husband back and restore the love that was once there?

The Secret To Get Your Husband Back

emotional triggers to get your husband backIf you have already tried talking about the problems in your relationship to get your husband back then you already know that it is futile to try to appeal to his logical side. Although most men might say that they are logical and that they make decisions based upon careful thought, it is actually your husband’s underlying emotions that caused him to come to the “logical conclusion” that leaving you and seeking a divorce was the right thing to do. This is exactly why using emotional triggers to get your husband back is so effective.

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You see, men are taught from a very young age to suppress their emotions. They are taught not to cry or show emotions. Instinctually, it is also a part of your husband’s makeup not to show emotions or weakness. These underlying, suppressed emotions and the very nature of male psychology make it very easy to bring out the emotions that your husband is going to have to feel in order for you to get your husband back. He might even try to fight it or you might feel that there is simply too much to overcome to get him to change his mind but you have to admit that emotions are some of the strongest forces in this world. Targeting your man’s emotions and bringing out the love that still lies there for you by using emotional triggers and emotional hot buttons to get your husband back is just a necessary step in bringing him home to you again.

Get Your Husband Back Forever

While tripping these emotional triggers to get your husband back can often literally wipe the slate clean and make your husband forgive and forget the wounds from the past, they can also change your married life forever. Imagine completely understanding what makes your husband tick, what he needs from you as a woman to feel desire, passion and love and being able to give that to him so he never strays again. Imagine knowing what to do and what to say not only to get your husband back but also what to do if things do start to get a little sideways in your relationship in the future.

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Understanding male psychology and the emotional triggers that will not only help you to get your husband back but also make him fall in love with you again should be your primary concern if you are serious about winning him back. Remember that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink and you might be able to convince him to go to counseling with you out of guilt or obligation but very little will be accomplished. But if your husband actually wants to get back together with you and he is in love with you again and there is an emotional bond between the two of you again, how difficult do you think it is going to be to get your husband back?

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